Welcome to WAOM!

Hello and welcome to my NEW site!

About Me: I’m Britt(any) E. in Bellingham, WA; a mother of an 18 month-old wonderful wildflower of a daughter, Kaylee, and two rescue pups, Kira and Niko, and wife to my best friend of over a decade, Bobby. We moved to the Pacific Northwest from Memphis, TN, a year before our baby was born, and while we miss our loved ones still in the south, I must say it was absolutely the best decision we made for our family. Lovers of outdoor activities, oceans and mountains, cool air, holistic wellness, and more liberal-leaning communities, being in Bellingham for the past 2.5 years has been a terrific blessing, and I am thrilled to be starting this fresh online adventure as I really feel settled and completely at home both in my city and in my role(s) as a working mother and wife.

I work at home as a remote digital marketing director. I work at OM by cultivating a habit of mindfulness. Both of these things I do with thanks to the cornucopia of #goodvibes and deep connections that can be found in my neighborhood and on the internet. I welcome you and thank you for being part of my process as I offer my personal insight for namastaying sane as a work at home mom!


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