Happy Morning Meditations & Hacks

Until I became a mother I was absolutely not a morning person. Truthfully, until I’m halfway through my second cup of coffee, I’m still not all that much of a morning person. But since my family’s developed a smooth rhythm in the mornings, and my sweet little one just seems to love it so, I must say the first part of my day has certainly become my favorite part of the day. Whether a busy weekday or relaxed weekend, we make time to welcome the day together with good cheer thanks to a few simple tricks:


Before baby my husband and I loved using our rustic Le Creuset French press coffee maker, soaking up the tediousness with affection for the roast. But then I realized, once our daughter got semi-mobile, that taking for-ev-vaah to brew the perfect cup was a complete waste seeing how I never get to enjoy a full hot cup anyway. So we switched to a newfangled coffee maker with BRILLIANT Auto Brew programming. Brilliant. I set it in the evening and it’s ready to go right on time in the morning. And stays hot until I’m actually done for the day.


Take all parenting advice with a grain of salt, but one of the best tips I’ve gotten was to ignore the idea of pajamas vs. daywear for kids. Who cares what the heck their pjs look like?! Since my daughter is obsessed with poking her bellybutton we’ve been keeping her in onesie bodysuits, and so she sleeps in whatever cotton outfit she is going to rock during the following day. Eventually she’ll wear denim and skirts and cardigan sets, but for now I’m enjoying not having to take the extra time (yet) to play dress up in the morning.


Kids need breakfast. Kids should have breakfast that is healthy. Kids do not need breakfast that is exciting. Which is why my toddler gets fed the same basic thing every single morning. Oatmeal and fruit. Sometimes hot oatmeal, sometimes cold oatmeal. Sometimes fresh fruit, sometimes jarred fruit. But always oatmeal and fruit, and milk. When feeding her breakfast the caffeine is just starting to do its job for mama, I’m working through emails, and helping to get my husband out the door. So the more reliable, simplified, quick,  and nutritious of a breakfast the better, and we’ve found what works well for our little one!


Absolutely my favorite way to start the day is with a few quick flows through Sun Salutation. This simple but powerful set of yoga poses helps to awaken all centers of your body with a proper honoring of the sacred sun. Inhale the beauty of a fresh day; exhale gratitude and love.



I don’t ever feel like I can take the time to stop and do a proper seated meditation in the mornings, but I still like to start my day right with an exercise in mindfulness. A quick yoga flow is wonderful for checking in with and getting the body ready for the day ahead, and from there I like to carry that awareness with me as I go about my morning tasks: paying special attention to my movements as I pour coffee, feed the dogs, prepare baby’s breakfast, giving thanks for each and cultivating a feeling of gratitude while shifting my attention to all the things I get to take care of this day.

I recommend this article from mindbodygreen 5 Mini Meditations You Can Do In 1 Minute for some excellent, easy guidance during those mornings when you absolutely need to stop and re-asses. You know the feeling. Think you’re bad at meditation or can’t do it? Nah. Don’t believe they hype. You meditate all the time without even realizing it; now it’s just a matter of harnessing that goodness as a superpower available at your summoning.


But first, coffee.


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