This Work at Home Mom’s Daily Schedule

With an active toddler running amuck around the house, it’s not easy getting my daily To-Do list done, but it certainly is a lot of fun trying.

Being fortunate to work from home, I have a full-time job as an Email Marketing Director for a media publishing house that requires weekly deadlines be met; however, I’m still granted a good amount of flexibility for when I get the bulk of my work done. I as well am a Social Media Manager, which again, while there are “best times of day” to curate content there is still much wiggle room. Therefore, I’ve let my 18 month-old daughter take the reigns when it comes to working out our daily schedule, and thankfully we’ve had lots of success of allowing me to be productive while keeping her active and happy.

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Each day has a similar outline but the details are quite different, which keeps every day exciting but with some much-needed predictability. It’s shifted here and there as we go through different developmental phases and seasons, but as a template I offer our Work At Home Mom Daily Schedule:


  • Typically up by 8am, we spend the first hour happily easing into the day with a brief gratitude meditation, stretching, snacks, and coffee. I tidy up the kitchen from the night before, put away clean dishes, etc.
  • By 9am I’m feeding baby her breakfast of fruit and oatmeal while checking emails and getting a start on the work day. I work from 9-11am while she watches her edutainment baby TV and plays, stopping every fifteen minutes or so to read books together.
  • Around 11am I’ll take a break to play with baby and then we (ahem, I) make lunch.


  • We eat lunch together, which gives my daughter ALL the energy. Lots of playing after eating, for about an hour. I’ll do some laundry, tidy, a bit of work while she goes craycray.
  • By 1pm she is usually winding down from her lunch rush; I nurse her and she naps for anywhere from one to two hours and I get AS MUCH WORK DONE AS POSSIBLE.
  • After she wakes up around 2-3pm we try to get out of the house for a bit by going to the local children’s museum, indoor play area, library, run errands, etc for a couple of hours.


  • I start dinner around 5:30pm and we usually are eating by 6:30…ish. Mondays and Wednesdays I go to the gym when my husband gets home, so I try to do a crockpot or have something easy for him to finish.
  • We eat dinner and have family time until we start settling baby down for bed, around 8:30pm. I try to have her nursed and asleep by 9pm.
  • Husband and I watch adults-only TV for an hour or so, and then I’ll usually work – either for my actual “day jobs” or blogging for my own enjoyment – for an hour or two each night after little one’s in bed, while husband unwinds with a book or video game. If I’m on top of things I’ll even get the coffee maker set up to auto brew in the morning.
  • In bed by midnight, or you’ll turn into a pumpkin! I like to have my electronic devices turned off at least 30 minutes before bedtime, and during that time I’ll read and do some reflective meditation on the day. And as I’m in bed, to help me fall asleep I like to do a full body mindfullness scan starting from my feet and working up. I can’t remember the last time I managed to stay awake all the way to my head!

My Fridays tend to be less busy for work, and so that’s when I usually dust, vacuum, and wipe down the bathroom. Fun! Dishes and laundry – come on – are a CONSTANT chore (if I had any app development skills whatsoever I would create a game called Dishes and Laundry and there would be no points and you never win it just never ever ends), and other heavy-duty cleanings are left for lazy weekends. It’ll get done when it gets done.

Some days are busier than others, some days allow for more flexibility, but all-in-all this rough schedule has served us well. What’s important is that my family is happy and healthy, and I make sure every day to take a bit of time to really take care of myself. Like snowflakes, all people’s schedules necessarily are very different, but with the same beautiful chilling effect 🙂 I’d love to hear how you orchestra your days as a work at home mom!


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