Spring Equinox Detox 2018

My Spirit Animal is absolutely a Bear, and this mama is ready to BUST OUTTA hibernation. This past winter, the one we are still in the throws of as I type this [it's 28 degrees outside with 25 mph winds and a frosty dusting of snow and ice] has been particularly brutal: so very cold, … Continue reading Spring Equinox Detox 2018


My [Ongoing] Adventures with Postpartum Sleep Anxiety

Let's be straight right from the start: my journey with postpartum sleep anxiety is currently ongoing, so if you're looking for some solid answers or solutions, this is not the place. If, however, you are looking for some empathy and support as you navigate your own issues, I gotchu. No one told me about sleep … Continue reading My [Ongoing] Adventures with Postpartum Sleep Anxiety