Spring Equinox Detox 2018

My Spirit Animal is absolutely a Bear, and this mama is ready to BUST OUTTA hibernation.

This past winter, the one we are still in the throws of as I type this [it’s 28 degrees outside with 25 mph winds and a frosty dusting of snow and ice] has been particularly brutal: so very cold, dark in actuality and metaphorically, and we’ve had sleeplessness and sickness passed back and forth among our family pretty much nonstop since the beginning of the holiday season last year.

But things are a-changin’. The sun is shining more and for a little bit longer each day, the runny noses are beginning to dry, and come Hell or high water we are weaning our eighteen-month-old from her final late night/early morning nursing and finally sleep training. Fingers crossed!

Spring is on the horizon, and I am so energized to use this as a prime opportunity to refresh all areas of my self and circle. This time is all about rebirth and renewal, and I can think of no better way to harness that magic than to practice some daily mindfulness and go after some reasonable goals that are perfectly in line with the spirit of the season. I’m calling it my Spring Equinox Detox – and I’d love for you to join me!


In the weeks leading to the Spring Equinox I will focus on different dietary restrictions, a new set of inspiring meditations and affirmations, accomplishing a personal goal and finishing a household project, and tackling a specific area of the house for Spring Cleaning.

Time to clear away ALL the cobwebs. Each week I’m establishing these goals to rewaken my sense of self and refresh my connections: Week 1, Reconnecting with Self – Week 2, Reconnecting with Other – Week 3, Reconnecting with All, and Week 4, Welcoming the Season and Nurturing the Blooms. By tending to these roots I hope to cultivate the habits needed to keep these blooms thriving in the new and all seasons!

Here are my personal weekly areas of focus and goals – what are yours?!

Brown Pink Fancy Chevron Project Schedule Planner

I’ll be kicking of my #SpringEquinoxDetox on Monday, February 26th!

I’m excitedly finalizing my clean eating meal plan(s) over on my Pinterest, and you can click here for the Week 1 : Connecting With the Self board. I’ll also be posting a detailed meal plan on my social sites this weekend; follow on Instagram and click here for my Facebook page!



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