Spring Equinox Detox 2018: Week 01 Review

This Monday marks one week down and three more to go for my #SpringEquinoxDetox, and I am having all kinds of feels. First a brief review: For the this first week I set my intentions towards Reconnecting With Self.

* I cut out all animal products and adapted an entirely vegan diet for the first week, and I have come to realize that I absolutely am not a vegan. I certainly applaud those who have chosen such a diet; however, it does not work for me. I have spent a great amount of time researching and reading about human evolution, dietary needs, and comparing/contrasting to similar other mammals, and it just makes so much sense that we are meat-eating animals. I tried several no-meat replacement items, and while many were tasty and satisfying, they were LOADED with artificial, processed, weird-ass not-food ingredients. To me, clean eating means knowing exactly what your food is with as little processing as possible, and unfortunately it just seems impossible(?/?)impractical to maintain a well-balanced vegan diet that is entirely organic. Plus, my daughter – who LOVES veggies – refused to eat any of the faux meat products, which to me speaks volumes. While I ate vegan I gave my toddler daughter organic, pasture-raised chicken lunch meat and nuggets throughout the week, and she seemed much happier once I gave her these items after she devoured her veggies and beans.

Although delicious, I was left each night feeling gassy, hungry, and just not right. BUT we do not need animal protein breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or for every lunch and dinner. OR for every dinner. A little bit goes a long way.

And, come on, people: FACTORY FARMS ARE MEAN AND NASTY. Just because we are meat eaters doesn’t mean we aren’t incredibly intelligent creatures, and factory farming makes no goddamn sense. We can and NEED to do better. There is no way to live a mindful life without being absolutely aware of from where our food comes, and these reflections should push us all to demand more humane, sanitary, and sustainable farming practices.

Therefore, during my reflections this week I have concluded that the diet most well-suited for my dietary needs that is also most in-line with my principles is to incorporate limited amounts of lean meat and animal products in with a fruits/veggies/fiber-heavy, whole, natural diet. This next week I am still keeping out added sugars, gluten, fried/ucky foods, and am looking forward to seeing how I feel with a little bit of meat to the menu.

* I started a Daily Gratitude Journal to help focus on those things which are important to me. Thanks, Technology: I simply downloaded the free Zest app for Android, and have been loving the super simple interface. Throughout the day I add little Gratitude notes, and then I as well have an alarm set for late evening but before bedtime as a nice reminder to recapitulate the day. I then check in with my awesome (and also free) Stop, Breathe, & Think app and do a nice, quick meditation. Self-Awareness: there are SEVERAL apps for that!

Through meditation and reflection I feel reconnected to my beliefs, and therefore more grounded in my daily life. I know what to say YES to — that which brings me joy, which are those things that embrace and encourage positivity in every space; and I know that confidently saying NO to that which does not feel nurturing is essential, healthy, and in the best interest of all. I know it is not my place to change minds or force evolutions; rather, it is my goal to by a lighthouse of good energy, offering strength and hope for anyone and everyone seeking such. I send love and light to all, free of judgement or expectation, and focus on cultivating the good.

* I took some real time to take care of myself and my home. With the help of my wonderful husband, I was able to get some much needed me time over the weekend. I took naps, I went to the gym and stuck around to hang in the sauna, I took myself out to dinner one night, I even read for pleasure!

When dad and daughter had an evening out on the town I got started on Spring Cleaning by tackling the bathrooms, complete with blasting 90s/00s profanity-laden hits. Those two were lucky to be out and miss my show, the poor dogs not so much. I have a terrific game plan for tackling my chores, little by little over the next few weeks so that I don’t get too overwhelmed trying to do it all in one major overhaul. Just typing that was terrifying. Nope, instead I am handling one room of the household per weekend, and so far so good! (She proudly exclaimed only one week in… We’ll see.) This weekend is bedrooms – YAY!

Brown Pink Fancy Chevron Project Schedule Planner

Here goes Week 02! 😀


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