Diving into Doshas: The Beginning

Since college I've suffered from stomach issues, but my tummy troubles really began when I was a not-so-good vegetarian (think: PB sandwiches and fries all day every day) for several years as a teenager. Well, not only have I had stomach issues - bloating, gas, problems you'd probably rather not hear details about - but … Continue reading Diving into Doshas: The Beginning


Abhyanga is Self-Care Bliss by Jenn Hebert

Dears, I am delighted to introduce you to Jenn Hebert, #boymom and maker of magic. Jenn was one of the first friends I made after moving to Bellingham in 2015; having met through the Volunteer Center I think we both immediately knew we had found a fellow kindheart, and our friendship continued to grow as … Continue reading Abhyanga is Self-Care Bliss by Jenn Hebert

My [Ongoing] Adventures with Postpartum Sleep Anxiety

Let's be straight right from the start: my journey with postpartum sleep anxiety is currently ongoing, so if you're looking for some solid answers or solutions, this is not the place. If, however, you are looking for some empathy and support as you navigate your own issues, I gotchu. No one told me about sleep … Continue reading My [Ongoing] Adventures with Postpartum Sleep Anxiety