Diving into Doshas: The Beginning

Since college I've suffered from stomach issues, but my tummy troubles really began when I was a not-so-good vegetarian (think: PB sandwiches and fries all day every day) for several years as a teenager. Well, not only have I had stomach issues - bloating, gas, problems you'd probably rather not hear details about - but … Continue reading Diving into Doshas: The Beginning


Abhyanga is Self-Care Bliss by Jenn Hebert

Dears, I am delighted to introduce you to Jenn Hebert, #boymom and maker of magic. Jenn was one of the first friends I made after moving to Bellingham in 2015; having met through the Volunteer Center I think we both immediately knew we had found a fellow kindheart, and our friendship continued to grow as … Continue reading Abhyanga is Self-Care Bliss by Jenn Hebert